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Offsite Staff

What is vectorise

Vectorise is a vectorising service to the print, sign & design industries. Clients upload their artwork onto the website, Vectorise redraws the artwork, then uploads it back on the client page ready for download by the client.

How long it takes

Redrawn artwork is ready available for download by the client within 24 - 48 hours an email is sent to the client when its ready for download

How much does it cost

All artwork redrawn cost a flat rate of Euro 12.00 If however you order a batch of 5 or more jobs, it costs Euro 10.00 each you could pay for 5 or more in one go then order for the work to be done as it comes in, details of balance will be displayed on your page when you log in

How to Pay

Payment is made via Paypal or a secure online credit/Debit card payment system. Payment is only due when artwork has been redrawn and is ready for download.